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LAZARUS is a dance and music project that bridges current urban culture and world music traditions. An audiovisual amalgamation of past and present, roots and visions. Groove, rhythm, and communities that arise live on the streets or in clubs long before they are assigned 
a name or a genre.

I believe contemporary dance does not occur in a closed theatre and does not care about "discourses." Instead, it unfolds itself on the street, where strengths and abilities develop, creating identity and culture, dealing with hot topics, and directly impacting the protagonists' lives.

Young, fresh, intuitive sound and movement, music and lifestyle, fashion and texts, audio and video are inseparable. 
Lazarus celebrates these connections in a visual tap dance album:
Courageous compositions and opinionated improvisations dedicated to free-spirited social justice. 
Steadfast, optimistic, and future-oriented.


Lazarus musically endeavors on these characteristics as a high-quality studio album with seven titles in traditions of Jazz, Folk, Bebop, Funk, and Tap dance, individually interpreted in their most current forms.


The core team of the album gathers around the Tap dancer Nikolai Kemeny and the drummer Tom Friedrich. In addition to colleagues from Leipzig, Christopher Kunz playing Saxophones, and Tobias Fröhlich on Bass, the album features guest appearances by top-class international musicians such as pianist Arturo Rúa from Vigo, 
award-winning trumpeter Markus Stockhausen from Cologne, 
Dorit Schäffler with her Clarinett and Master Tap-musicians Andreas Dänel and Sebastian Weber.

German Tap Dancer Nikolai Kemeny
German Tap Dancer Nikolai Kemeny
German Tap Dancer Nikolai Kemeny
German Tap Dancer Nikolai Kemeny
German Tap Dancer Nikolai Kemeny
German Tap Dancer Nikolai Kemeny


The award-winning visual counterpart to the audio recordings shows diverse urban dance styles and types—perspectives on wealth, the attitude to life, and the downright spiritual power of contemporary dance forms. 

Just as the music tracks combine to form an album, the scenes complement each other to create an approximately 40-minute film: 
A kaleidoscope of traditions - and not as a museum, but as a lively exchange between international artists and the Tap dancer Nikolai Kemeny, who, as a modern hoofer, connects the worlds of rhythm and movement.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR

LAZARUS can be presented in various formats.

The concert features three to five musicians and one to three dancers. With a length of approx. 75 minutes it is suitable for 
theatres, cultural venues, Jazz clubs, and auditoriums of all shapes and sizes.

The film screening involves Nikolai and can involve the film collective verflimmert film & töne.

All variations can include an artist talk.

Please get in touch with me for more information, possible collaborations, or any media questions.


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© Nikolai Kemeny

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