An Inclusive Music and Dance Experience in Leipzig


DECEMBER 9th 2023    -    7 P.M.

Music, Dance, and Community

TAP NIGHT is more than an event.

It's a celebration of culture and connection!
A dynamic fusion of dance and live jazz hosted by  Andrea Alvergue and Nikolai Kemeny. 

Join them at THE FLOOR, Leipzig's artistic hub, for a 50-minute connection of dance and music. 

With live music from Tom Friedrich, Carl Wittig, and Johannes Bigge, every sound becomes an invitation to  take part and dance. 

Don't miss this unique cultural experience!

Inclusive Dance

TAP NIGHT embraces all people, providing an inclusive space where live music and dance creates a truly immersive and multidimensional experience to groove and move together.

At this Inclusive Dance Experience everyone, regardless of experience, is welcomed to share the joy of movement and rhythm!

Or just take a break, lean back, relax, and enjoy the vibe!

TAP NIGHT pioneers Cultural Exchange and Community Building in Dance, inviting participants to explore the rich history of dance intertwined with the Jazz traditions, fostering a global dance dialogue.


© Nikolai Kemeny

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