21. / 22. October, 2023
Dance & Arts, Mainz

Discover the infectious energy of tap dance as you learn exhilarating routines, technique training, intricate rhythms, and awe-inspiring combinations.

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, the workshops are tailored to suit all levels.

Don't miss this opportunity. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now!

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14. / 15. October, 2023
THE FLOOR, Leipzig

Tap Dance, Improvisation, Rhythm Flow and a Masterclass with Sebastian Weber at THE FLOOR  in Leipzig.

Improve your Rhythm and Movement skills or try something new and just have fun! This is TAP SESSIONS

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TCaboom is a dance about chaos. About the fears and insecurities that chaos creates. But also about adventures and opportunities that arise from chaos.


08.09.: Season Opening - Theater Bernburg
12.-14.09.: CABOOM visits - Staßfurt
15.09.: Season Opening - Salzlandtheater, Staßfurt
30.09.: CABOOM reloaded - Theater Bernburg - TICKETS 

15. / 16. July, 2023
Tanzerei Flugfisch, Leipzig

Tap Dance, Body Percussion, Rhythm Flow and Improvisation workshops for all levels at the one and only Tanzerei Flugfisch in Leipzig.

Fun guaranteed!

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ALMA: Live at +Tanz Festival, Nürnberg

Recently we premiered our new percussive dance piece ALMA at +Tanz Festival in Nürnberg. It was pure fire! The stage of the Theater Pfütze ignited us as we unleashed our rhythms for the audiences.

The Piece is inspired by Avishai Cohens new Album IROKO.

Big up to Carlos and Patrick for organising and hosting the festival. To many more!

Always connected when dancing with the magical Andrea Alvergue.

Watch the full video below. Let me know what you think.

19. - 23.


Touch is a light, curious, sensitive piece about the power of touch. Touch is a primal language and vital for humans. However, touch is becoming increasingly rare in everyday life – and not just since Corona. And in tap dance, touch doesn’t really occur at all. With Touch we have changed that.


19.06. : TOUCH - OFF Bühne, KOMPLEX, Chemnitz - Tickets
20.06. : TOUCH visits - Lebenshilfe Meißen e.V.
21.06. : TOUCH visits - Diakonie Altenheim Hugo Tzschuke, Meißen
22.06. : TOUCH visits - Seniorenwohnheim J. J. Kaendler, Meißen
23.06. : TOUCH - THE FLOOR, Leipzig - Tickets

17. / 18. June, 2023
Fun Tappers, Karlsruhe

Tap dance, body percussion, and improvisation workshop for all levels.

Saturdays Improvisation class with special guest Torsten Steudinger.

Live Concert on Saturday evening.

For more information and registration visit

2. - 4. June, 2023
+Tanz Festival, Nürnberg

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of rhythm, movement, and cultural diversity at PlusTanz in Nürnberg! 

This captivating festival in Germany brings together artists, dancers, and music lovers from around the globe. 

With exhilarating performances, engaging workshops, and a dynamic atmosphere, PlusTanz offers an unforgettable experience in just one event. 

Discover the joy of dance and celebrate its power in this extraordinary festival.


Vamos a Cuba!

Tap Dance Artist Andrea Alvergue and I are traveling to Cuba!

The two-week trip is part of her research project RHYTHM FLOW:
Andrea believes that music and dance should not be studied separately and always aims to explore ways of combining the two elements. 
She is investigating the history of dance and music in Afro Cuban culture and using the clave, a 2-bar syncopated percussive phrase, as a guide to create her own movement vocabulary. 
I'm accompanying her and producing a short documentary of the trip.
We will start in Havanna and participate in the Afro Cuban Dance Festival. After that, we travel to Matanzas searching for inspiration and teachings of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas.
I think we'll swing by the beach, as well :)

I'm hyped and can't wait to explore new territories of the 
rhythm universe and the rich cultural heritage of Cuba. 

Thank you Andrea for taking me along.

Screening: LAZARUS
THE FLOOR - Leipzig


We're hosting a screening of our award-winning music, and dance film, LAZARUS. 

The event is open to anyone who sees this post and decides to attend. 

Come with your friends and enjoy some hep music, aesthetic dance, and artistic urban cinematography. 

We're accepting donations, so feel free to contribute what you can. 

We hope to see you there!


Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR


Funding approval!

TAP SCRIPT is a theoretical exploration of the cinematic potential of tap dance and identifies the essential tools for successful visualization of contemporary tap dance approaches in film. The analysis considers not only content and visual design but also the social and cultural environment in which classic dance films were created. 

The ultimate aim is to reveal how contemporary tap dance can make it back to the screen and develop a concrete concept for a dance film project in 2024. The research, reflection, and planning phases will be conducted in collaboration with the Leipzig film collective verflimmert, and discussions will be held with relevant historians.

In the end, I hope to gain knowledge about the cinematic potential of tap, personal development as a dancer, choreographer, and producer, and contribute to the revitalization of tap dance in contemporary culture.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.


Recap: Workshop
Blue Tap Studio, Berlin

Last weekend, we had an amazing time dancing and practicing together at Blue Tap Studios in Berlin. Anina Krüger has been running the infamous Tap Studio since the late 90s, and it was so cool to reconnect with the Berlin Tap dancers and hear about Anina's experiences running the place. She recently moved the studio to the hip neighborhood of Friedrichshain, and it was such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone there was kind, funny, engaged, and generous.

I'm grateful for the inspiring weekend we spent together connecting, practicing, and sharing. And the best part? It's just an hour from Leipzig, so I'll definitely be visiting more often!

Big up and good vibes to the Blue Tap Squad in Berlin!

Swing you soon.


© Nikolai Kemeny