This three-part jazz, tap dance video concert series reflects on the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Change, disagreement, the strain on the system, social interaction, and the psyche. 

New manners shape and expand social awareness and initiate a unique togetherness.

DISTORTION creates an energetic, musically decisive confrontation with the psychological effects of isolation and the social upheavals in the wake of the pandemic.

PART I: paroxysm

In the first concert, you follow the tap dancer in musical communication with a drummer, confronted by restlessness, insecurity, and danger. The dancer stumbles, slips, and falls. The musician breaks traditional forms. 

They lose balance and control, and exhaustion forces them to improvise on instinct.

PART II: reckoning

The second concert shows the tap dancer with a clarinetist in a confined space, a flipped shopping cart in the corner, and the floor divided into different areas. Restrictions, distance, fluctuating surfaces, spatial and aesthetic obstacles. How will they deal with this situation? How do they maintain their sanity despite the circumstances? 

Again, primal instincts motivate them to a new approach. Archaic. Dancing calmly, patient, and meditative. Musically intuitive, rhythmically driving, and trusting in the metamorphosis.

PART I: omneity

The third and final concert occurs in a rugged-looking, empty Bar/ Restaurant. You can now experience the tap dancer in total harmony with a partner. The rhythms of the tap shoes create the musical carpet on which the dancers come together. Fresh, young, athletic, and well-coordinated. A symbiosis full of optimism and looking forward.

This work is made possible by the 
Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony

DISTORTION can be presented in various formats.

The concert features two musicians and two dancers. With a length of approx. 40 min it is suitable for 
theatres, cultural venues, Jazz clubs, and auditoriums of all shapes and sizes.

The entire film screening involves Nikolai.

All variations can include an artist talk.

Please get in touch with me for more information, possible collaborations, or any media questions.


© Nikolai Kemeny

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