percussive dance meets intuitive music

Two tap dancers and two musicians take the audience on an exhilarating, audio-visual improvised encounter that leaves time and space behind.

Andrea Alvergue and Nikolai Kemeny combine the worlds of rhythm and movement. 
Clarinettist Dorit Schäffler and trumpeter Markus Stockhausen dissolve genre boundaries through intuitive play. 

In improvisation, COSMIC TAP creates direct communication between dance and music. 
From a first movement, a first sound, a visually experienceable sound structure arises, directly related to this moment.

Tap Dance shows itself as an instrument. 
Aesthetic, athletic, casual, loose, and yet full of power, the dance couple creates sensual images of movement. 
The musicians move freely through the space, influencing and communicating with the dancers through their sound and physical participation.

The audience's presence inspires the act from the first moment and becomes part of it all. 
The artists react to the atmospheres in the space and incorporate them.

"In this short hour, they offer a panorama of expressions and possibilities in ever-changing constellations and the most diverse moods. In the process, music and dance enter into a fruitful dialogue without one of the four having to have the upper hand. Impulses and results merge harmoniously. A constant change of dance styles, body percussion, and musical moods emerges. Sometimes very calm, sometimes very energetic, but in a continuous positive flow."

Torben Ibs, Tanznetz

A production by Nikolai Kemeny in cooperation with LOFFT - DAS THEATER.
Supported by the City of Leipzig - Cultural Office and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony.
This measure is co-financed by tax funds based on the budget passed by the Saxon State Parliament.


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© Nikolai Kemeny

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