Nikolai Kemeny

Elevating the Art of Jazz and Tap Dance with Innovation and Passion

As a modern hoofer, Nikolai Kemeny unites the worlds of rhythm and movement.

He studied with international tap dance masters, including Andreas Dänel, Daniel Luka, Sebastian Weber, Sarah Petronio, Max Pollak, and Roxane Butterfly, to name a few.

As a choreographer, and soloist, he regularly produces and performs concerts, stage productions, and artfilms. 

He has performed Duke Ellington’s First Concert Of Sacred Music several times. In addition, he tours internationally with Andrea Alvergue and their collaborative jazz tap concert series, BLUE TAPS. 


In 2020 Nikolai produced his first short film DISTORTION - A three-part video concert series, each with a different musical composition. In 2022 the project LAZARUS emerged as a visual tap dance album, for which Nikolai recorded his tap dance with greats such as Markus Stockhausen. This extraordinary 40-minute dance film, created in partnership with the  Leipzig film collective verflimmert, seamlessly weaves together documentary footage and enchanting choreographies by international dancers. LAZARUS has been celebrated at prestigious international film festivals, earning awards such as Best Dance Film and Best Jazz Music Video.

Nikolai also recently premiered his newest stage production COSMIC TAP, representing the symbiosis between improvised percussive dance and intuitive music, leaving audiences spellbound.

He is a founding member of the Sebastian Weber Dance Company and can also be seen in productions such as Daniel Luka’s RESONANCE in collaboration with the audiovisual arts collective Xenorama.


Nikolai teaches dance and music workshops worldwide and choreographs projects at music and dance institutes, academies, theaters, and music schools. for example, tanzhaus nrw, footprints studio Hamburg, Blue Tap in Berlin, THE FLOOR in Leipzig, Musikschule Rosenheim, Claquetap Dance Studio in Madrid, CC Danza in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and even appeared at the Lima ZAP Festival in Peru.

Passionate and dedicated as an artist, he inspires jazz and tap dance enthusiasts worldwide with his innovative, modern style of this unique art form.



The visual-tap-dance-album refines jazz and tap symbiosis. The collaborations with eminent musicians provide a mesmerizing audio-visual fusion of the roots and visions of tap dance.

In the award-winning film accompanying the album, documentary footage blends with enchanting performances by international dancers.


In improvisation, this piece creates an interstellar communication between dance and music. From a first movement, a first sound, a visually experienceable musical structure arises, directly related to this moment.


With percussive dancer Andrea Alvergue, and the genre-dissolving intuitive wind instrumentalists  Dorit Schäffler and Markus Stockhausen.

Foto: Filip Felix


A daring film-scientific examination of the history of tap dance on the big screen.

This experimental short film explores the cinematic development possibilities of Tap.


This three-part jazz, tap dance video concert series creates an energetic, musically powerful confrontation with the psychological effects of isolation and the social upheavals in the wake of the pandemic.


An extraordinary concert experience with two tap dancers and a Jazz trio presenting a fine repertoire of Jazz, Swing, Bebop, and Afro Latin Standards and Improvisations.


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